At iCloudReady, we've created a company culture that distinguishes us from the rest. We firmly believe that to build an extraordinarily successful business, we need an extraordinary team.Our team spans across the globe, with members in Egypt, East and West Coasts of the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and various other regions. We embrace diversity at iCloudReady and understand its power in fueling innovation and progress.Our team at iCloudReady is united in our passion for excellence and dedication to providing our customers with the best possible outcome.
  • abdelrahman, Senior Marketing

    Abdelrahman Ashraf is a Senior Social Media Specialist at ilpApps.

    abdelrahman, Senior Marketing
  • Aya Khaled, Senior Account Manager

    Aya Khaled is a Senior Account Manager at ilpApps. Over the past 5 years, she has gained extensive experience in sales, customer success, and team management. She consistently demonstrates proficiency in driving revenue growth and ensuring client satisfaction across diverse industries. From handling inbound and outbound sales activities to serving as a trusted advisor for key clients, she excels in understanding client needs, optimizing strategies, and fostering strong relationships. Her expertise extends to managing teams, overseeing onboarding processes, and leveraging customer feedback to enhance product offerings. With a proactive approach to problem-solving and a commitment to continuous improvement, she has successfully contributed to organizational success while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

    Aya Khaled is passionate about sales, account management, and customer success because it allows her to build meaningful relationships with clients, understand their unique needs, and deliver tailored solutions. Witnessing the positive impact on their success is incredibly rewarding, and the continuous challenge of improving keeps her motivated.

    Aya Khaled has been recognized in their field for excelling in sales, account management, and customer success, known for surpassing sales targets and building robust client relationships. Their commitment to understanding client needs has greatly fueled business growth. A key contributor to ilpApps, Aya led efforts to secure initial clients and boost headcount, playing a crucial role in shaping organizational success. Additionally, Aya graduated from the Faculty of Arts, English Department.

    In their spare time, Aya enjoys walking, cooking, shopping, watching movies, and learning new things. She currently lives in Maadi, Cairo.

    Aya Khaled, Senior Account Manager