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ilpapps is the easiest way for teams to track work and get results. With ilpapps you can monitor the status of all your projects, see who’s doing what at a glance and keep everyone on point


Track goals effectively in one place

It's easy to lose track of strategy, goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the daily grind of your company. Stop spending countless hours re-writing your OKR slides and getting no real results. Connect OKRs to KPIs, Growth and Strategy to let your employees make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Get more done in less time.

Ilpapps is a powerful work management app that helps you and your team achieve great results. Ilpapps makes it easy to get things done by keeping everyone in sync, letting you focus on what matters most. And with Ilpapps Standard, you can use Ilpapps on the go, too.

Connect your goals and aspirations to company strategy.

OKRs are the glue that holds your company together. But they can feel like an afterthought: a big list of goals, posted on a wall at the office or shared in an email. With OKR software, you can put your goals into context and connect them to strategic initiatives, plus get insights and report on progress to make sure goals are being met.

Track your growth goals in a simple, intuitive way.

Track and analyze your key metrics with one page, so you can focus on what matters most. You have important goals, and they deserve to be tracked and analyzed. But you're busy and have so many tools open now that you can't focus on your goals anymore. Is there a way to simplify things?

Create a strategic plan with Strategic Pillars.

Strategy is a set of choices that explain how you’re different. Share those choices with Strategic Pillars. They’re simple, clear and easy-to-understand—and they drive alignment on what matters most to your customers, employees and partners.

Spot, adjust and design your future faster!

There’s a long way between planning and execution. Our software allows you to make strategies as simple as drag-and-drop—so you can spot what worked in the past, adjust, and design your future.We’re making it easier to learn from your past, get better at what you do, and create a plan to make the next big move.