Project Planning & Goal Setting with Task Master

Project planning, goal setting, organizing, and collaborating on any project with powerful task management that can be customized for every need

Task Master: Project Tracking Software to Create and Prioritize Tasks

Effortless Task Management with the Best Project Tracking Software

  • Create tasks with ease

    Create tasks and set various levels of priority based on their importance.

  • Set Deadlines

    Specify deadlines with a time and date to ensure tasks are completed on time.

  • Track Progress

    Break up your major tasks into sub-tasks and track your team's progress effectively.

Get more done by effectively managing and prioritizing your tasks.

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Improve Work Management in A Customized Workspace with Efficient Project Tracking Tools

Optimize Your Team's Collaboration Productivity and Improve Work Management

  • Personalized Workspace

    Create a workspace tailored to your team's needs, where tasks and responsibilities are transparent

  • Visualize with Team Boards

    Use team boards, calendars, and task lists to get a clear picture of your team's progress.

  • Customizable Widgets

    Enhance your workspace with custom widgets, add-ons, and integrations.

Take teamwork to the next level with customized workspaces.

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Checklists with Stages to Specify Project Flow

Take Control of Your Project's Workflow

  • Organize Projects into Manageable Task

    Use our checklists to break down complex projects into simple, manageable tasks and sub-tasks.

  • Specify Project Flow with Stages

    Create stages within each checklist to specify your project's workflow, ensuring that every phase is accounted for.

  • Track Progress in Real-Time

    Assign team members to different stages and monitor progress in real-time. Get alerted when a stage is complete or experiences delays.

Begin your journey to a more organized and productive workflow.

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Achieve More by Aligning Tasks with Goals

  • Seamless Linking

    Easily link tasks to key results to ensure that each task contributes to your objectives.

  • Dynamic Tracking

    Track the impact of individual tasks on your key results in real-time.

  • Prioritize Accordingly

    Rank tasks based on their impact on key results to prioritize effectively.

Align your tasks with key results for better outcomes.

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Exclusive Task Dashboard for Efficient Project Planning

View the Team's Progress in One Place with Task Master Project Tracking Software

  • Ongoing Tasks Overview

    Get a comprehensive view of all the tasks that are currently in progress.

  • Completed Tasks Metrics

    Track the tasks that have been completed and analyze the performance

  • Upcoming Deadlines

    Never miss a deadline again with our built-in reminder system.

Take teamwork to the next level with customized workspaces.

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    • Task Prioritization

      Easily set priorities for tasks to ensure focus on what really matters.

    • Collaborative Workspace

      Collaborate with your team in a shared workspace, enhancing productivity.

    • Project Flow Control

      Use checklists and stages to specify and control your project's flow.

    • Link Tasks with Objectives

      Ensure that each task is aligned with the key results and objectives.

    • Dashboard Overview

      Get a quick snapshot of your team's progress and performance.

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