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Track KPIs alongside your OKRs

  • Track KPIs alongside your OKRs

    Keep an eye on key performance indicators while managing your objectives.

  • Align them with your strategy

    Ensure that your KPIs are in line with your overall business strategy.

For more insights into managing your KPIs & OKRs effectively.

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Learn Faster, Adapt Faster

  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data

    Utilize real-time analytics to make data-driven choices.

  • Store learnings for future reference

    Archive your key findings for later use

  • Build custom reports and dashboards

    Design your own reports for a tailored analytics experience.

  • Identify issues and course-correct when needed

    Spot anomalies and take immediate corrective action.

Customize your reporting dashboard to adapt quickly to market changes.

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Easily share how you progress

  • Seamlessly share wins and challenges

    Share your achievements and challenges with managers and co-workers effortlessly.

  • Improve your 1:1s

    Regular Check-ins enhance the quality of your one-on-one meetings.

  • Remove recency bias

    Regular Check-ins help eliminate recency bias from performance reviews.

Slack and Microsoft Teams

Put Results Center-Stage

Using Slack or Microsoft Teams? Integrations help you stay on top of goals in the place where your communication already happens.

    • Objective Alignment

      Align your team's objectives with your company's goals effortlessly.

    • Performance Analytics

      Get in-depth analytics to measure and improve performance.

    • Real-time Updates

      Stay updated with real-time notifications on goal progress.

    • Collaborative Planning

      Collaborate with team members to set and achieve goals

    • Secure Data Storage

      Your data is protected with industry-leading security measures.

    • Custom Reports

      Generate custom reports to evaluate your team's performance.

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