OKR Examples, The best way to write a great OKR?

By Mayada Ibrahim / February 26, 2023 / OKR Examples
OKR Platform

OKR is a proven concept that has converted humble start-ups into mighty multi-billion dollar organizations, that dictate the course of the future in the sectors they operate in. By adopting this OKR framework, your organization can also achieve extraordinary amounts of growth in a short period of time. It would be much easier for you to implement the framework successfully in your organization if you can find some OKR examples to emulate and experiment with.

Learn the secrets of writing effective OKRs. These examples show how to write great objectives that will drive achievement and growth over time.
Using OKR examples

A lot of organizations have successfully implemented OKR examples in their organization to drive performance and growth. You can also create such a framework for your organization that helps you in achieving your goals.

Objectives and Key result:
Objectives, or OKRs in short, provide teams with a way to measure success and focus their efforts. Objectives are qualitative, inspirational and time-bound (usually on a quarterly basis). They can be linked to the company's goals and address key behaviors, team roles, problem areas or priorities.

The OKR framework has two components:
Objectives: Goals that help you focus on what you want to achieve in a project
Key results: Metrics that help you reflect on and track your progress.
Objective Example: Sell $15 M in bookings
Clear and easy to understand statement of a goal.

Key results Example:
Win 1,400 deals worth $15M in bookings by 12/31/23
Generate 70,000 marketing qualified leads

If you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to get a jumpstart on your next OKR cycle, look no further. Browse our library of examples below.
Events OKR Examples

Create a high-performing events team
Hire three new events coordinators by the end of the quarter
Participate in 4-7 events training classes every three months
Set and track 6-10 individual contribution tasks by [date]
Finance OKR Examples
Boost individual career growth
Offer three employees each month to shadow leadership team members
Host free education seminars for all team members every eight weeks

Maintain accurate record-keeping at all times
Decrease contracts and payments uploading time from two hours to 25 minutes
Score 92 or higher in external audits
Decrease time spent backtracking receipts and logs from one week to three days
Human Resources OKR Examples
Offer development programs to help all team members reach their career goals

Launch three career roadmaps every month
Maintain employee retention rate above 90%
Marketing OKR Examples
Improve Our Blog Strategy
Publish 40 new blog posts in Q2
Get 4,000 subscribers on our blog

Improve Our Website and Grow Conversions
Grow website visitors by 10% every month
Improve conversions on Landing Pages by 15% in Q1

Improve Our PPC Campaign
Get 140 MQLs from Google AdWords
Ensure a Cost per Lead of $5 or less

Improve Our SEO
Get 20 new inbound links from relevant websites
Improve our internal on-page optimization by 90 %
Improve our website loading speed by 85 %

Improve customer retention and customer lifetime value (CLV)
Share 15 customer case studies by [date]
Increase email newsletter open rates from 30% to 70%
Increase positive mentions from customers from 40 to 80